Monday, July 11, 2011


This is the final week of tweaking and polishing my novel before I send that baby out into the big bright shiny world . So in honor of that monumental graduation of FIRE AND ICE, and in celebration of the commencement on the second book in the Faerie Song series; BITTERSWEET, I bring you a fresh Six Sentence Sunday snippet.

I'd welcome any opinions/suggestions on this little dance sequence between the YA heroine Loralye and her heart-thob Elven boyfriend Adrius. I can vividly picture what I have in mind, but not sure if it comes across in words. What do you think? (bear in mind I'd just finished watching the movie Dirty Dancing for the hundredth time...check out the mini clip below)

And don't forget to peruse the Six Sentence website for more delicious sixes! All comments are welcomed, encouraged, and on occasion, paid for..........just kidding!

 “I can’t think clearly when you do that?” I said over the steady pump of vibrating bass.
 With another sharp twirl, I was facing him again, his arms locked around my waist.
 “You mean this?” He anchored his hand under my thigh, drawing my leg up around his hip as he dipped me back in a deep plunge. His nose swept the arc of my body and he pressed his lips to the hollow of my throat. My breath hitched as he placed the briefest kiss, before pulling me upright.
 “Yes,” I gasped, breathless, “That.”

clip credit: 1987 movie  Dirty Dancing