Sunday, September 6, 2015

Feeling Like Cinderella, Back From the Ball!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement. New connections, and new projects have rounded out the end of summer, but the amount of buzz over a post I wrote for Gordon A Wilson's blog.... well there's just no describing that feeling! Other than a bit like Cinderella returning from the ball.\ow apt, considering the post is called:


I speak a lot about the magic that happens when you pursue your dreams. Even the serendipitous way I met author extraordinaire Sheri McInnis and blogger extraordinaire Gordon Wilson was nothing short of a magical meeting. Through the wonderful article about the film deal by Whitney SouthI was connected to Sheri who connected me to Gordon. Then with a single blog post about how I sold the film deal for Fire & Ice... a wave of a magic wand....and there were over 5000 views of the article on the first day alone! Magic. The fun has not stopped since. There's been a veritable twitter fest happening and I couldn't be more thrilled. Always happy to share my story in the hopes that it inspires other to follow their wildest dreams with reckless abandon, and total disregard for those who tell them it can't be done! 

Check out the article here on Gordon's Blog. And while you're there, browse some of the other amazing posts. You're sure to be enlightened and inspired. 

And I'd also invite you to check out Sheri's blog. Her post on the reasons she turned away from a successful stint in traditional publishing to self-publishing her upcoming novel is worth its weight in gold for any author. THE HUNTER'S MOON is a supernatural thriller about Witches in NYC, and is due out November. Watch for it! I know I will be!!

Those of you in the Philly area... please stop by and visit me at YA Fest 2015. I'll be there along with tons of other amazing authors signing and chatting and and hanging out! Don't miss out on the fun!