Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dream big.... bigger....and even BIGGER still...

 J.K. Rowling

What If You Dreamed BIGGER?

I had a reading the other day from a psychic who was most definitely picking up on energies that did not belong to me. It became clear this he could not see the massive potential I had and the directions I was heading in. I've mentioned my publishing targets to people and have been greeted with why don't you self publish. And while I know incredible things can and do happen with self-published works and traditionally published works can go nowhere I had an awareness early on that this novel was going to be traditionally published. Had it occurred to this individual to ask if this was my first book they would have learned I'd written 5 other non-fiction books which I'd already successfully self-published. I have very big plans for my fiction books, and it's a delicate balance of knowing and believing in what I desire and being open to the myriad of ways it can come to fruition.

On another occasion, a multi-talented musician/singer/songwriter who has intentions of performing with an internationally know famous band shared her plans with someone and was given the suggestion that she should be satisfied with performing in a local small town bar. Wow.

When I described my sculpting business to another individual, they suggested I sell my wares at a local craft fair. I almost choked on my drink. Really? That was as big a picture as they could conjure? Hmmmm. How interesting. I then follow it up by thinking the for the suggestion and tell them I did the craft show thing previously and was now working with an agent in California who is pitching my designs to companies like Mattel and negotiating hundred and fifty thousand dollar deals....per doll line. --They are stupefied. I say this not just to brag, (though I'm all in favor of tooting your own horn...come on let's own those accomplishments already!) but to hopefully blow open their worlds and their minds to what is possible. If it's possible for me then it's possible for them as well. And hopefully they walk away from the conversation with an expanded awareness of what they too can achieve if they dare to think and then act BIGGER.

It prompted me to wonder and ask why would I (or anyone) want to take advice from someone who's vision is no where near as expanded as my own? Yes, starting anything new for the first time can sometimes mean starting at the bottom or the beginning or even starting small if that's what you choose. But it doesn't mean staying there or making that the thing to aspire to. Go bigger....beyond what you truly think is actually possible for you to accomplish. And then prepare to be amazed.

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful new Creative Energy Consultant coach, Jessi Jordan. She is someone who is successful in multiple industries and she has vision and passion and knows the magic each and everyone one of us can create. She is an accomplished producer in the music industry and also coaches creative people like actors, writers, artists into massive success. Here is a quote from her which totally sums up why I'm choosing to work with her, (aside from the fact that she is is amazing!!!)
 "I never take advice from someone who plays it safe or sits on the sidelines in their own life."
- Jessi Jordan
 Need I say more............

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doing Something Different

What would be fun and different for you today? I've been asking that question a lot lately and have come up with some amazing realizations. Firstly how odd it is to even ask a question like that. Usually we focus on what needs to be done, the things that are demanding our immediate attention. And maybe after all of those have been completed and we have a moment or weekend to spare,  perhaps then we will look at what might be fun. My son got on board with this and decided to spend 12 hours getting dreadlocks put into his hair. |They look awesome and he loves them,but it was a huge leap for him. And oh so cute I might add!!

Then my husband tried it and in one moment it was fun for him to purchase the exact motorcycle that he had loved as a teenager. He had magazines and photos of it but couldn't buy it at the time. Well now he has and he goes riding whenever the mood strikes. More joy in his life opens up more possibilities and more space for more joy. Cool huh!?

So what if in every moment of every day we asked that question and let the awareness come up? How would your life be different? What interesting new directions could that lead you in. I challenge you to try it. I have and while those things that demand my attention have lessened, they haven't disappeared, but they have morphed into things that I feel I am now choosing to do instead of feeling as thought they were things I was obligated to do. And where there is choice there is freedom. And things just start magically opening up to more. I have more writing time now than even before.l I have more money flows that ever before. Wonderful exciting things continue to transpire as I keep asking this question. Try it for a while and let me know what changes for you?

I'm going to keep playing and see what other magical things actualize for me!