Monday, May 30, 2016

Cannes Film Festival, Book Clubs and Chocolate

I had to share this video with you in case you haven't had the chance to see it yet. Why? Because it was the single most exciting thing to happen so far this month. I mean, when the producer who's optioned your book to be made into a motion picture, gives you a shout-out during the Cannes festival...that's bound to elevate the heart rate a little, right?!

Was it the most exciting thing to happen with my writing career to date, you ask? Not really. "But it's a MOVIE DEAL," I hear you shouting and madly waving your arms. "What could be more exciting than that?" It's a hard one to top, I'll give you that.

My favorite moment of being an author so far?  Wow, tough question. There have been a million heart-stopping fabulous moments in this journey so far from my first book contract to seeing the cover art, to selling the film rights. And I know there will be a ton more to come. But nothing quite compares to sitting at a table in the back of my favourite bookstore, with a group of amazing young women who chose Fire & Ice for their book club selection.

Listening to the passion and excitement about the characters...characters I created, characters I lived and breathed and thought I understood inside out. Then coming to realize from their unfiltered, tell-it-like-it-is, two hour plus steady stream of thoughts, opinions and feelings, that they had lived and breathed those characters also.  They proved with the clear conviction and authority that only girls who are consumed by a story can convey, that they quite probably knew those characters even better than I did. They most certainly loved, hated and were as equally invested in how their stories unfolded as I was.

Now that moment, was incredibly surreal.

...Plus, there was chocolate! For those of you just tuning in...I adore chocolate.

The only thing that could possibly top that would be eating chocolate at a teen book Scotland, or Ireland....while filming Fire & Ice....and writing the next installment in the saga that's proving to be much longer than the originally planned trilogy! ;)  Now that will really get my heart racing!

Hope your days, months, weeks and years are filled with things that make your heart beat a little faster!