Saturday, December 18, 2010

Creating Magic

I've probably posted with this same title before...can't remember, but there is such power in it that I use it often. Life is a series of magical moments. and in between the magic, you may temporarily not see the next magical moment throught the purple haze of the last. It's during those times, you may be fooled into thinking that the magic isn't happening or that you've lost it. But rest assured it's always there, jsut waiting for the haze to dissipate so you can fully enjoy and admire the next magical moment. I am in awe and gratitude for the richness and blessings bestowed upon me and my life and for the incredible way the illusions of both time and magic play out in my experiences!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My New Life Coach

In keeping with my magical December, I began working with a new life coach. I am a firm believer of workign with someone to help you get to where you want to go in life. I've worked with several at different times in my life mainly for my business. But I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Michael Duhaney, who is the first coach I've worked with who so succinctly unites what's going on inside with what's happening outside, and how to bridge the two in order to move towards success. Sound complicated? Really it's not. And working with him has been such a blast. I highly recommend it to yourself the gift of coaching in any or all areas of your life. It leads to a bigger, brighter, happier, wealthier, more excited, expanded version of you! What' not to love about it!?!

Michael Duhaney Coaching

Winter Magic!

December has been a magical month for me. It always is, but this year even more so. And it reminds me that magic can happen anytime for anyone anywhere! Just look for it, open your heart to it and you will find it! I truly believe that.

I had the opportunity to be featured in a music video! No, no, don't worry, I won't be doing any actually singing (yes I can hear your collective sighs of relief!) but I did get to do a little lipsynching and grooving.But mostly it was just a huge amount of fun! I really enjoyed myself.

My mother, who is an beautiful statuesque woman was signed with a modelling agency when she took my two nieces to sign up. She wasn't the least bit interest,but joined for fun and low & behold,s he is the one who gets most of the bookings. So on this occasion, we all went to the shoot with her  and we were all asked to participate in the video. It was by an artist named Shad; I wasn't familiar with him, but his music is great! I loved the new release we performed to: Keep Shining (link is to listen to song on not uploaded yet).

Anyway, we got to do hair, makeup wardrobe the was fun begin a star for the day! And the other women there were amazing. The video was about honoring celebrating and empowering women....and so it only featured women. There was a room full of maybe 60 females from 5yrs of age to 80, in every nationality, style and look. There is a special kind of energy created when a group of women come together.  Some were professionals (singers, actors, models, dancers) and others were like me just there for the ride. But the whole day was an incredible high energy fun experience! I'd do it again in a heart beat!

So OK, if I'm brave, after it's published I'll post the video here.
And I invite you to step out into the world (mine is a winter wonderland right now) and embrace the magic in your life! Write to me and tell me what happens!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The universe is such a funny place.

I love this post! It's a classic example of the magic of faeries! 
Plus, you'll discover Faery Meditation Beads, 
photos of enchanting faery children and other magical creations!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lifelike Infant Dolls - Michelle Barrow-Belisle's Clay Babies are Realistic (GALLERY)

Lifelike Infant Dolls - Michelle Barrow-Belisle's Clay Babies are Realistic (GALLERY)

So I was browsing online this morning and stumbled upon a site that low & behold was writing about me! And saying such lovely things! It was a very flattering way to start the day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Writing Advice

I love this little video.....wonderful words of inspiration for anyone who, like me, loves writing, from those who have been there...set to music...Enjoy! I'm off to write now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, here is the ultimate plan for this blog. To share news and updates on new projects, books and designs. I plan on posting tutorial and pictorials and lots of other stuff that I love & hopefully you will too. So, that's the goal....more to come!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Assembled Ball Jointed Fashion Doll

Today has been pretty magical for a Sunday. I spent the morning writing, working on the first revision of my novel. I love getting swept away in this fantasy story and can't wait to share more details with you. I also wandered into blogs and websites featuring my favourite designs. Places like "Where Women Create" offer endless amounts of inspiration for me and I could languish there all day. But now the sun's come out and it's time to play!
Here is a slide show of my bjd process.....doll one of 7 completed and assembled. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost in Fantasy

OK, so now I'm just in overdrive....two posts in one day. I can promise you that won't be the norm! I've been home with a stomach ulcer, which has mean lots of time in bed watching movies. I worked my way through ever Harry Potter film (LOVE those!!!) and the Twilight series (Really really LOVE those) and then went to see Eclipse at the theatre! Not the least bit afried to say I've read and reread all of the books as well! Finally starting to feel better least a little. But anymore time in bed and I'll have to dive back into the Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, all of this watching has been great inspiration for my writing. I love fantasy movies and books. I'm up to my eyeballs in a fantasy novel involving faeries, elves and witches...over 100,000 words so far...seriously time to start editing! More to come on that. And now I'm really done for today.

New Doll Series

So where to begin.....let's see. How about with some new projects I've been working on. First, the dolls. It's a new series of fashion dolls similar in construction to the Asian ball jointed dolls. I've had the idea on my mind for over a year...finally the pieces have come together....even if all of the dolls haven't yet.

Here are a few preview wip (work in progress) pics. I'll post more as I go and reveal the whole theme of the collection later....just to keep you in suspense.