Monday, January 27, 2014

Shaking the January Blues

Christmas is wonderful.

January... not so much.

For me it's typically a time to get cozy and hibernate, doing lots of writing and sculpting and whatever other creative pursuits catch my attention. While finished off the edits for Bittersweet (I know, I've been promising its release for ages it seems, and it it is coming soon, honest) and revising an New Adult series called Daring Magic, I've been looking and watching for little things that come along to brighten the winter blahs. Tons of snow and super cold, that's been our winter so far. Short of a trip south, I've had to get creative with the things that bring me joy and add a little sunshine. Here are a few things I've stumbled upon along the way:

Receiving a shipment of my book in paperback: Very exciting!

The first person I've seen holding a paperback version of my book Fire & Ice. Sooo exciting to get that photo!

An awesome fan video for Fire & Ice made by the incredible Natasha Vahora who also helps manage my Facebook fan page! :)

Okay, what else... well there's the collaboration with a company exploring the possibility of producing a toy line with my doll sculptures.... very exciting!

And some other potentially SUPER-exciting news, that I can't share with the world just yet. ;)

Winning a contest to submit my latest manuscript to Entangled Publishing! Whoot whoot!

Rocking a new hair style that everyone compliments me on. :) Love that!

Hiring a personal assistant to help take care of some of the social media tasks for me. Someone to manage my Facebook street team... Golden! Thanks so much Sheri Vidal from Author Accomplice!

Somedays its as simple as having my hubby or son surprise me with a latte in the mornings.

Or receiving a lovely note or positive review from a satisfied reader.

I guess the point is that there are little gifts to make us smile all around if we're willing to look for them. So now it's your turn... tell me, what are you looking for to brighten your day or that makes you smile? No winter blues to deal with, all the better... you get to find things just for the sheer delight of it! 

I guarantee that by the mere act of looking, you're sure to find!

Here's to shaking the January blues.

Happy hunting everyone!