Monday, April 25, 2016

FREEZE is coming soon!!!

So I know its been, a in a very long while, since my last post. But you'll be happy to know its becuase I've been writing. I wrote three novella's (which are more novel length than novella) for the Faerie Song Trilogy , plus I was contracted to write a series of children's books. Guess who's doing the illustrations....thaaat's So to say I've been busy is so much of an understatement its almost not even true. But I did want to take a breather to let you know that FREEZE, the first in the series of novellas, is in the hands of my publisher as we speak. Now, I know some of you (aka a LOT of you) are Zanthiel fans. Yes, I've been listening to and reading your heartfelt posts. Seriously, what is up with that? He has totally eclipsed Adrius as the book-boyfriend fave, which kind of blows my mind. But anyway, this first book is his story. In his voice. It picks up from where book 2 (BITTERSWEET) left off and delves a little more into his backstory and past. You know, so we get to see why he is the way he is...with all of that, deep, dark, badassness that is purely Zanthiel.

The second in the novellas is MELT, which is Venus' story. Now she's an interesting character. Always cool to know what makes the bad girl tick. ;) and then, of course, we have BURN, which is Adirus' story. I had planned on releasing his first, but in light of all of the recent Zanthiel fans, I decided to switch it up a bit. Hopefully you'll get all three during the spring, summer and fall. And the third book in the trilogy DARKEST LIGHT out for winter. That's my timeline, and its more of a wishlist than anything else. Because publishers...well they have thier own schedules for things. So we'll just have to wait and see if I'm close. Either way, I promise to let you know release dates as soon as I have them.

Thanks so much for reading, blogging, book-clubbing & reviewing the series... and if you loved it, thanks for telling a friend or fifty! It's so cool how many new fans have fallen in love with Mythlandria and it's characters as much as I have!! <3

Have an amazing day!!!