Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reasons to Dance in the Rain

It's raining.


Another dull and dreary wet wet day. Another chance for the grass and trees to take another step closer to green and further from white (remember all of that snow!?) So what is it about rainy days that makes them feel so blah sometimes? Maybe its perspective. I find that if I let my mood be swayed by the passing clouds and color of the sky, its easy to fall into a state of ennui... feeling melancholic or even lethargic. Which is fine some of the time... I'm all in favour of chill-days. But in spring when we have more rainy days than sunny ones, well there has to be an out or I'd never get anything accomplished. My solution; I've decided to look for all of the wonderful things about rain, and then look for all of the wonderful things about what I do, and then all of the things I love about my life, and before long I'm on a whole different path and feeling a sense of gratitude for the fresh April showers. That was exactly what I did this morning as I drew the curtains to greet a pale grey sky. And low and behold, as I sipped my latte and counted my blessings, the skies began to clear.... coincidence?? ;).

Then I clicked open my email to discover more to brighten my day. My novel Fire & Ice has been nominated for a RONE Award by InD'Tale Magazine!!! It made it to the final voting round to be presented during the RNC in Las Vegas this summer!

So exciting! Any excuse to get dolled up and attend a formal awards banquet... I'm so there! And of course I'm super grateful to everyone who votes and who loves Fire & Ice!

I wonder what other surprises today has in store. Have you looked for them yet? I highly recommend it.

The rain has stopped. The skies are clearing. The trees look happier and so am I. And now, I can share their enthusiasm and let it inspire me back into productivity with the final round of edits for BITTERSWEET, book 2 of Fire & Ice. I just added a scene where Adrius and Lorelei dance in the rain... super romantic.

And while I'm not the most patient person in the world, I've been holding on to some extra exciting news... have to hold it for a little while longer I'm afraid, but I promise to reveal jut as soon as I get the green light!

Have an inspired day today and if you get the chance, remember to dance in the rain! Or at least find reasons to! ;)