Thursday, March 7, 2013

When Dreams Come True - Dream On

It's such an exciting moment when a long held dream comes true. It's almost a little surreal, while at the same time feeling perfectly natural as through it's the next logical step. Like welcoming an old friend, I want to say "Ah, there you are, what kept you?".
To end the suspense, I will share my good news. I just signed a publishing deal with Astraea Press for my novel Fire And Ice! To say I'm thrilled is somewhat of an understatement! The enthusiasm and support I've received from my agent Denise Barone and from Stephanie Taylor of Astraea Press, not to mention family and friends near and far, has been astounding and humbling. It felt like a collective journey- a collective dream, and so sharing it with the world just seems fitting.

 To put a delicious cherry on top of a wonderful week, I discovered this post from my amazing success coach and music producer Jessi Jordan which it home how fortunate I am to be surrounded with such brilliance!

★ ★ ★ Congratulations to the UBER TALENTED client of mine Michele Barrow-Belisle for nabbing a publishing deal for her book FIRE AND ICE!!! She felt stuck, took my "Be Your Magic in Every Audition, Performance and Pitch Program" ( ) - got unstuck and 30 days later BAM BABY!!! SHE IS THE MAGIC! Expect to see, hear and read BIG things from this lady!! woo hoo!!! How does it get ANY Better than this?! ♥

One dream successfully fulfilled, what's next..... perhaps a movie deal!?! What are the endless possiblities?

Wishing you a lifetime of dreams come true! 

Dream On!!!