Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Everyone should get a psychic reading....seriously!!!

Today I had a reading with my favourite psychic....Hans Christian King. From the first moment I listened to his radio program years ago, I was hooked. And I knew he had a direct link to the things about myself that I know but had either forgotten or didn't know I knew. Confused yet? Sorry....but it's not something I can explain without going into yards of explanation on quantum physics and the nature of reality. For lack of a better quote at my fingertips, I'll simply say you are what you think you are, and leave it at that.

But suffice to say, my first ever personal reading with Hans exceeded even my wildest expectations. I've had the opportunity to converse with him on his weekly show where members can send in one question and receive the answer on air. That in itself is wroth it's weight in gold, with every single answer begin spot on or delivering the information, perspective or reassurance i needed to move confidently through whatever issue or project was before me.

So I had great expectations for my 30 minute call with Hans. I felt like a kid at Christmas when the telephone rang right on time. And we delved into the issues I wondered about, worried about or felt were blocking me on my path. At the end of it all I left with a renewed enlightenment and awakened enthusiasm for what is to come. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!