Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wanna Be A Savvy Author - Check Out Savvy's Workshop Line Up for July 1st

I'm always on the lookout for things to share, and this one has been right under my nose all along. Savvy Authors. Looking for phenomenal writing classes, workshops and intensives, then look no further. I've taken countless classes with Savvy Authors and I cannot begin to explain how much it has grown and improved my writing. The instructors are worth their weight in gold and there is something informative and inspiring for the beginning and seasoned author alike. Definitely worth checking out if you're passionate about writing or becoming a published author. If you've ever asked what would it take, you may find some answers here!

Savvy Authors - Check Out Savvy's Workshop Line Up for July 1st

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do You See What Eye See?

Life, I believe is about imagery. Everywhere we turn our senses are flooded with sensory input... sounds, smells, feeling, touch, and most powerfully for me, sights. I've recently come to realize how much of life I see through my inner eye, the one that sees what cannot be seen. When I'm reading or writing, the scenes play out like a movie, in full technicolor in my mind's eye, filling in details written or unwritten, as I image them to be. What I find amazing is that vision is so personal and so different for each and every person experiencing it through their own inner eyes. What they see may not resemble what I see at all; a sort of disconnected, separate vantage point from where we see the inner and outer world.

And yet, when an artist is called upon to capture something as illusive as a description, I'm often blown away by how much of the inner eye vision must actually have been shared. This was the experience I had working with the cover designer for my book, Fire & Ice. Amanda Matthews is an artist I'd never met nor spoken to, appointed by Astraea Press to design the cover for my novel. I must admit I was more than apprehensive, and being so visual, I worried and wondered, how on earth I could convey the essence of my story to someone else in a way that will give them all they need to know to successfully create a visual. A visual I really didn't fully have in my mind, which was likely a good thing. I was willing to let myself be open to the possibilities, but in secret I was preparing for the worst.

I provided a few scant detail about my story and the main characters within it and someone was supposed to create something as important as a cover from just that alone? Well, eventually there was an email from the artist, in which she detailed why she made the design choice she made. I carefully read and reread every word before going to view the image she had designed for my book cover. My baby. Every hair stood on end and I held my breath as I opened the file. And as I saw the image I nearly dropped the laptop for wanting to jump up and down.

It was amazing! Simply breathtaking! There was no one else at home that I could share it with. I immediately called my mother who as it turned out couldn't see it because of computer troubles. So I was alone, staring at the incredible image created by someone else far away that felt as though she had plucked it from my mind's eye, without my knowledge it was in there. But in truth it came from within her mind's eye, her vision so powerfully and poignantly matched my own. And so I was reminded of the many many reasons I believe, that in some small way we must on some level be a little connected to one another. Inner eye to inner eye.

Stay tuned for the big cover reveal within the next few days! The ebook version of FIRE & ICE goes on sale the first week of July.

Want to contact Amanda Matthews? Check out her site here:

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Passion for Fashion

This post comes after a really terrific night spent viewing the exclusive fashion line of Canadian designer Lisa Drader Murphy. I'd never heard of her before but when my Mom asked if I was interested in a attending a fashion show, I was all over it. Needless to say I was blown away not only by the amazing fashions of this designer, whose business is called Turbine Fashion, but also the amazing venue; Jennifer Naturals Salon & Spa. It's a gorgeous space, offering fabulous treatments and incredible women who own the company are... well incredible! Everyone involved in the event was beautiful and brilliant and their passion and enthusiasm were infectious. And the clothing was to die for! The evening included the opportunity to try on different outfits from their trunk show, which made me feel like I'd stepped out of the era of The Great Gatsby, when designers would bring their collections to our home for private intimate showings. The entire evening was a blast, and I'll be doing a lot of shopping at both of theses businesses. I mean what could possibly beat a fresh new look... mani/pedi, hair and a hot new outfit.... after a day like that the only things missing would be the sexy sandals to pull it together and a rockin event to show it all off! Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand in my world!