Friday, June 21, 2013

A Passion for Fashion

This post comes after a really terrific night spent viewing the exclusive fashion line of Canadian designer Lisa Drader Murphy. I'd never heard of her before but when my Mom asked if I was interested in a attending a fashion show, I was all over it. Needless to say I was blown away not only by the amazing fashions of this designer, whose business is called Turbine Fashion, but also the amazing venue; Jennifer Naturals Salon & Spa. It's a gorgeous space, offering fabulous treatments and incredible women who own the company are... well incredible! Everyone involved in the event was beautiful and brilliant and their passion and enthusiasm were infectious. And the clothing was to die for! The evening included the opportunity to try on different outfits from their trunk show, which made me feel like I'd stepped out of the era of The Great Gatsby, when designers would bring their collections to our home for private intimate showings. The entire evening was a blast, and I'll be doing a lot of shopping at both of theses businesses. I mean what could possibly beat a fresh new look... mani/pedi, hair and a hot new outfit.... after a day like that the only things missing would be the sexy sandals to pull it together and a rockin event to show it all off! Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand in my world!