Saturday, January 19, 2013

MUSIC MASH-UP Mike Starr (aka Ty Real Da RokStar) - HU$TLE ft Jessi Jordan

Check out the awesome and amazing Jessi Jordan with Mike Starr, in this super-cool music video. Jessi is not only a diva goddess singer extraordinaire, but a fantastic magical-life coach as well!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy 2013! It's been a while since my last post, but what better time for a new one than with the coming of a new year! There is a quiet excitement for me over this new year, a soft gentle anticipation of wonderful things unfolding. But aside from all of the fantastic "BIG" things happening, there are glimpses and glimmers of even "BETTER" things. Things I find myself grateful for all over again. Snowfalls. Lattes. Cozy pj's. And best of all, the experience of watching a 12 year old girl fall in love with my novel. There is nothing quite like that feeling. She discovered a copy of it on a table at my parent's house during a family dinner. From the moment she picked it up, the book did not leave her hands all evening. From 3pm until 10pm she read, in between chatting, eating, hanging with the other kids, playing three rounds of bingo... through and between it all, she read, literally unable (or at least unwilling) to put the book down. Wow. Now that was exciting for me to see! She read 15 chapters and when it was time to leave you could see the agony in her eyes. Since the book has not yet been published, this was her only chance to finished. I think had my mother not agreed to lend her the copy, she might have camped out over night in order to finished the remaining 23 chapters!
It was a lovely sight to behold, watching before my eyes, the delight and fascination of someone so fully enthralled with something I had a part in creating. Watching her get excited at the parts I got excited over, and frustrated, upset and worried in all the right places, turning page after page, with a need to know what woudl happen next. How does it get any better than that?
She came over to me after a few hours and said with a note of seriousness and sincerity, "So far, I would rate this book as an 11 out of 10." Pretty impressive score if I do say so myself. She's anxious to finish and to read the second book and the third, which has yet to be created. But if ever I was in need of external motivation, I found it last night in the eyes of that young reader, who in the midst of a crowd of noise, laughter and merriment, hungrily flipped page after page to find out what would happened next!


Happy New Year!
May yours be shiny and bright, and filled with dreams fulfilled!