Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season filled with joy & happiness, 

laughter & love

...and of course , more fabulous books!!! xo

Monday, December 7, 2015

Listening to the FIRE & ICE Audiobook

Yes, that's right, in place of the Christmas tunes that have been filling our house for the past week, I've switched gears. Why, you ask? Well, after several days of being out of commission after a dental filling gone astray, (don't ask, I'm still getting over the pain) I was given some news that brightened my day. Audio Realms finished producing the masters for the FIRE & ICE audiobook, read by the fabulous voice actor Mandy Kaplan. And BITTERSWEET audiobook will be out in the new year.

Quite honestly, I'd never been drawn to audiobooks, but three chapters in I was hooked. Now I play it everywhere. It is so much fun to listen reminds me of being read to as a child, something I've always loved.

So if you or someone you know is like me and wants to give audiobooks a go, here's the where-to-find it info:

AND we'll be sponsoring a FREEBIE GIVEAWAY of the FIRE & ICE Audiobook on the iFandom's Collide Blog Friday Dec.11th! Stay turned for that one!!

Here's a little audio sampler:

Fire And Ice by Michele Barrow-Belisle

In between listening to the entire thirteen hour Fire & Ice saga, I'll be back to playing Bing Crosby's White Christmas, Lady Gaga's Lady Gaga's Baby It's Cold Outside,  Clay Aiken's Mary, Did You Know, and Boney M's When a Child Is Born. We have a pretty eclectic mix in this house, and we embrace what we love no matter the category. Music, like books and painting and all forms of art, evokes powerful emotions and creates magical lifelong memories. My holiday wish for you is a lifetime of happy ones! 

Until next time! CHEERS! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Feeling Like Cinderella, Back From the Ball!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement. New connections, and new projects have rounded out the end of summer, but the amount of buzz over a post I wrote for Gordon A Wilson's blog.... well there's just no describing that feeling! Other than a bit like Cinderella returning from the ball.\ow apt, considering the post is called:


I speak a lot about the magic that happens when you pursue your dreams. Even the serendipitous way I met author extraordinaire Sheri McInnis and blogger extraordinaire Gordon Wilson was nothing short of a magical meeting. Through the wonderful article about the film deal by Whitney SouthI was connected to Sheri who connected me to Gordon. Then with a single blog post about how I sold the film deal for Fire & Ice... a wave of a magic wand....and there were over 5000 views of the article on the first day alone! Magic. The fun has not stopped since. There's been a veritable twitter fest happening and I couldn't be more thrilled. Always happy to share my story in the hopes that it inspires other to follow their wildest dreams with reckless abandon, and total disregard for those who tell them it can't be done! 

Check out the article here on Gordon's Blog. And while you're there, browse some of the other amazing posts. You're sure to be enlightened and inspired. 

And I'd also invite you to check out Sheri's blog. Her post on the reasons she turned away from a successful stint in traditional publishing to self-publishing her upcoming novel is worth its weight in gold for any author. THE HUNTER'S MOON is a supernatural thriller about Witches in NYC, and is due out November. Watch for it! I know I will be!!

Those of you in the Philly area... please stop by and visit me at YA Fest 2015. I'll be there along with tons of other amazing authors signing and chatting and and hanging out! Don't miss out on the fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

FLING New Adult Box Set Author L. Kirk - Author of Love Me As You Do

Have you read it yet? The author extravaganza continues today with our fabulous contributing author Bonnie Bliss, writing as L. Kirk. Her story Love Me As You Do is part of the phenomenal FLING box set. #NewAdultFling

Bonnie Bliss writing as L. Kirk

Love Me Like You Do 


Daisy Philips is in a nightmare. With an incurable medical condition and her mother dying, her only escape is dance. When she notices mysterious loner Jason Lancaster watching through the studio windows, she feels a connection to him, soul deep. When she jumps to his defense, and the two finally collide, they realize somethings are just meant to be. Beyond their shared pain they find beauty in their art.

This is part one in a three part serial series.
This story features a heroine struggling with endometriosis. It is a condition that is incurable and needs more awareness. This serial series is written to support the woman living with his horrible condition.


New Adult Romance

Books and Upcoming Releases:

Picture Picture Picture

About the Author:

L. Kirk is one half of the bestselling author Bonnie Bliss. She lives in sunny, Southern California, only fifteen minutes away from Disneyland. When she’s not weaving worlds of crazy on her own, she’s writing with her husband, Richard, the other half of Bonnie Bliss. She is also a mother to her quickly growing daughter, Lucy. And the fur-parent to a very crazy kitten.

Please visit

Want to read more? Pick up the FLING box set on sale now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Spotlight on FLING Box Set Author Tracy Reed - THE GOOD GIRL

Today we're featuring another fabulous FLING author. #NewAdultFling

Tracy Reed author of The Good Girl


When Gabriella accepted her new assignment, she didn’t know it also included a chance for love with her boss, the hot and elusive, Phillippe Marchant.


Gabriella Townsend has been patiently waiting for her dream job.  When she’s presented with the dream, it’s not exactly what she was expecting.  She was hoping to work her way up the corporate ladder.  Instead, one phone call and an office number on a slip of paper, lands her on the executive floor.  

After a month working for the elusive, handsome and sexy, Phillippe Marchant, he offers her a life changing assignment…the position of “girlfriend.”  Terrified of her feelings for him and the possibility of losing her job, she’s not sure what to do.


“Tony, make sure Marcos knows to go to my place and check on things.  Have him forward anything that looks important to the D.C. office, and I’ll see you on board.”

Now I was confused.  I thought Tony was the driver.  Who the crap is Marcos?  I’m surrounded by strange men.  I looked down briefly.  When I raised my head, my eyes landed on a very tall, young, hot man walking towards me.  My body reacted in a way I had never experienced.  I was trembling from head to toe, and a strange sensation settled in the lower half of my body.  

I’ve never seen an executive or man that looked like this.  Most of the executives at Morgan Grant were older and definitely not this fine.  This man’s skin looked like rich black coffee.  I wanted to touch his face to see if it felt as smooth as it looked.  He was wearing a light grey suit and a simple white shirt, with the first few buttons undone to reveal more of that beautiful dark skin.  He continued toward me and his spicy scent filled up the plane.  This couldn’t be…

“Phillippe, we finally meet.”  He extended his hand and I saw his guns.  My God, every muscle in his body was at attention and now he was giving me permission to touch him.  
“Hello.”  I shook his hand and a spark erupted.  No really, an electric shock.  
“Must be the carpet,” he joked. 
“Sir,” Gil appeared.  
“Gil, thank you for taking care of Miss Townsend.  Once we get on our way, please serve lunch.  I haven’t eaten since this morning.  When Tony gets back, tell the pilot wheels up.  Thank you.”
“Yes sir.”  Gil disappeared to the rear of the plane.
“Gabriella,” he looked at me and the most salacious thought crossed my mind.







Monday, July 6, 2015

FLING Box Set Author Spotlight-Elena Dillon author of CHASE

Today's FLING Box set spotlight features the wonderful Elena Dillon, author of CHASE. 


Chase by Elena Dillon


Rylan Maguire has run from danger...right into Chase Sullivan. But his past tangles with hers, making Rylan wonder if she's strong enough to love him.


Rylan Maguire has run from a dangerous situation to start her life over but she didn’t count on finding Chase Sullivan or falling for him so quickly. When their pasts tangle squarely in the present will fear win out or will her newfound courage hold?

Read more and other stories in the FLING box set here:

Elena's other books:

breathe_825 copyGone_converted (1)EXHALE_covershimmer_725

Get in touch:

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Spotlight on FLING New Adult Author Geralyn Corcillo- Random Acts of Violet

Our next fabulous story and author profile from the FLING Box set is

Random Acts of Violet by Geralyn Corcillo  



Random Acts of Violet


Geralyn Corcillo


Cautious loner Violet Parker needs a new playbook when her quiet summer on campus collides with an unexpected eight year-old, a monster in the attic, and Noah...


Quietly independent Violet Parker is enjoying an uneventful summer of house-sitting, writing her thesis, and working to make ends meet. But suddenly a kid gets dumped on her doorstep, something keeps going bump in the attic, and most disturbing of all, Noah Swardguard shows up to lead a summer football program.
Noah has never succeeded in getting close to his reserved lab partner Violet. But when he sees her on campus in July—in charge of a little girl who makes her laugh and live a little—he wonders if maybe, just maybe, he has a chance with Violet Parker after all.


“Hello?” he called out.
A slim young woman with a glossy brown ponytail popped up from a sort of alcove in the back. “Hi!” she chirped, turning to face him. “What can I get—” Her mouth snapped shut when she saw him. But then she pasted on a totally plastic customer service smile. “—you? What can I get you?”
Noah willed himself not to react. At all. “Violet Parker.”
“Hi, Noah.”
“So...” he said, “working here for the summer?”
“Yeah. You?”
“Yeah. The team runs a football camp for high school kids.”
“Hm. What can I get you?”
Right. Parker had never liked that he played football. Not that she'd ever said anything. But she'd been classic with the bullet-proof silences. Even just watching her concentrate over a bunsen burner could be arctic.
“Noah?” she prompted.
“Coconut mango protein shake and a bear claw to go. Please.”
“Right.” She quickly rang him up, gave him his change, then paused. “Um, why don't you go sit over there while I whip up your order.” She was waving to some tables in the far corner. As in, get as far away from me as geographically possible.
“Parker, I'm your only customer. What? Are you going to bake me a bear claw from scratch? I'll just take one from the case, if it's all the same to you.”
“Okay.” She quickly tossed his pastry into a thin paper bag and shoved it at  him. “Now just go over there and wait, please, and I'll bring you your drink.”
Seriously? It would take her, like, a minute to blend it. But she was looking at him steadily. Almost like she was trying to use a Jedi mind trick to get him to go away.


Read more of the FLING box set here:

Books by Geralyn Corcillo:

Image description Image description Image description Image descriptionImage description Image description 

Get in Touch with Geralyn:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

FLING Box Set Author Spotlight: My Best Friend's Tina Gayle

Tina Gayle

Our next author from the Super Seven contributing authors to the FLING anthology is Tina Gayle, author of My Best Friend's Ex..

My Best Friend's Ex


She loved him first, but her best friend married him. Now, divorced Brooke must choose between her best friend and the man of her dreams.

Brooke Janson has loved Garrett Sawyer since she met him on her first day of high school. Now, he’s free to love her too. Except, his ex-wife happens to be her best friend.

How can Brooke choose between a friend she’s known since kindergarten and the man her heart wants?


She loved him first, but her best friend married him. With their divorce, Brooke must choose between her best friend and the man she loves.

Get in touch with Tina Gayle

Home -

Twitter -!/AuthorTinaGayle

Facebook -

Buy the FLING Box Set


“Hello, Brooke.”

Ignoring the sudden butterflies in her stomach, she waved a casual hand. “Hi, Garrett. It’s been awhile.”

“I believe it was just before Janet moved out, almost a year.”

“Janet told me about the divorce. I debated whether to call, but, well...I didn’t know what to say.” To cover her awkwardness, Brooke allowed the words to flow from her mouth as if she had vocal diarrhea. “I always considered you, my friend, too. We had such fun together. I wanted to see if I could do anything for you, but I...”

Embarrassed by her rambling, she stared at the stuff in her cart; lettuce, fruit, protein bars, each one good for her.

Man, I need to pick up a box of cookies.

Forcing back the urge to binge on any tasty treat available, she recalled how his face lit up when he was excited, his deep belly laughter, and his willingness to listen when she had a problem.

Damn it, she didn’t blame him for the breakup. Well, maybe for not listening to her warning. She had told him that her friend had a natural tendency to throw responsibility to the wind. Still, Brook hadn’t wanted to take sides. Because it was incredibly hard to choose between two people she cared about, one a friend since kindergarten and the other the man of her dreams. Guilt sparked inside her.

Why? Did she still want more than just to be his friend? Was this her chance?

“Don’t worry, I’m over it now. I bought a house, which requires most of my time. I spent last weekend putting in a new hot-water heater. The old one leaked.” Garrett brushed a hand through his dark, curly hair. The silky strands fell back into place without distracting from the perfect picture he represented.

Sexy, hot, and totally off limits.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FLING Box Set Author Spotlight: Kathleen Rowland

As promised, I'm going to introduce you to the awesome team of authors who've teamed up to bring you this wonderful new release! The FLING box set is available now, only 0.99 for a limited time! You get seven wonderful New Adult Romance authors for one price, how does it get better than that?

Introducing Kathleen Rowland



Marchand wants to show Yardley he loves her, but he has bigger problems. Venus is heading for a catastrophe, and only he can save their world.


Marchand LaFond is in control: his spy mission, his rules. After a suspicious betrayal by a friend, he knows this time, he needs help to dispose of deadly nerve agent. The person he trusts most is his former girlfriend, Yardley Van Dyke. She trusts him with her life but not her heart. Nothing is as simple or complicated as his perfect kiss.

Under the uncharted sulfurous clouds on Venus, they get closer to answers—and play to win as they get closer to each other. Will they find the poison before Vito Savage annihilates those who get in his way?

Where to buy

Betrayal At Crater's Edge: Amazon

And while you're there pick up the whole FLING Box Set for the same price here:

Get in touch with Kathleen


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fire And Ice Audio Book news!!!

A little more past-dated news to share:

This is from Publishers Marketplace... I mentioned the FILM deal for Fire & Ice series, but forgot to mention we landed an AUDIO book deal as well!!! Published through Audio Realms and there will be a sample sound clip posted soon. More exciting news and another format to look forward to! 

Now back to your previously scheduled programming. ;)

March 23, 2015 - FIRE AND ICE by Michele Barrow-Belisle
Film rights
Michele Barrow-Belisle's FIRE AND ICE, about a teenage girl with an unreliable healing touch who follows a mysterious boy into a twisted Faerie realm for a cure, and discovers she's destined to destroy their world and he's destined to destroy her, to Ajay Nayyar at Khando Entertainment, by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency on behalf of Astraea Press.

March 23, 2015 - FIRE AND ICE and BITTERSWEET by Michele Barrow-Belisle
Audio rights
Michele Barrow-Belisle's FIRE AND ICE and BITTERSWEET, to Fred Godsmark at Audio Realms, by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Monday, June 29, 2015

FLING Boxset releases TOMORROW!!!

Ready for more great news?

Now finally news number three.... drumroll if you please.... I have another book releasing... TOMORROW! That's right. No, it's not from the Fire & Ice Faerie Song Trilogy, and I promise book three is rolling along towards "The End" very nicely.

This story is special because it's the first time I'm participating in boxset, with 6 other talented authors! The boxset is called FLING and my story is Entangled Summer. So what you have to look forward to is an introduction to each of the authors in the boxset, and a little bit of info about their stories. Oooh, and did I mention the price for the boxset is a-ma-zing!? I mean seriously, so worth the tiny investment. It's only available for kindle at the moment, but more formats will follow soon. And Entangled Summer will be released in paperback for those of you who love holding something in your hands.

Keep an eye out this week, as I bring you each of he amazing authors from the FLING boxset and introduce you to their compelling and entertaining stories! And in the meantime, take a peak at Entangled Summer.

It's a New Adult (ages 17+) Urban Fantasy Romance. Perfect for summer reading by the pool or at the beach.

I'd love to know what you think. And make sure to treat yourself to the FLING Boxset. (#NewAdultFling)  It's another summer Must Read! Until next time, happy reading! :)

Fire and Ice optioned for a MOVIE!

I believe I might have mentioned the incredibly exciting news about the film release for Fire & Ice? Well, since the big news, word has spread like wildfire (yes I know that's a pretty cliche phrase, but it's been a long week) and I wanted to share with you both the official Press Release AND the newspaper article that was published. Two positively giddy moments in time for me, I have to say. 

I promise to keep you posted on things as they unfold. The journey from page to screen is pretty involved and a huge learning curve for me, so it's exciting to learn how things work behind the scenes. I look forward to sharing that journey with all of you!

First-time Author Uses Twitter to Land Film Deal for Young Adult Fantasy Series

Astraea Press is thrilled to announce it will join forces with Khando Entertainment to produce the film adaptation of debut author Michele Barrow-Belisle’s Amazon best-seller, the young adult fantasy Fire and Ice. The deal was brokered by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Fire and Ice is the first book in the Faerie Song Trilogy, and the film option spans all three books. Audio Rights have already been sold to Audio Realms with negotiation for foreign territories already underwTwitter played a crucial role in bringing the project from the page to the screen. Barrow-Belisle connected with Khando Entertainment’s Ajay Nayyar on Twitter, by way of a mutual follower. Nayyar saw Barrow-Belisle promoting Fire and Ice on the social media site and requested a copy. When he started reading the book, he “couldn't put it down,” Nayyar says. “I visualized her brilliant writing with such ease, and I knew I was on to a winner.”

Fire and Ice is a teen fantasy romance novel and tells the story of eighteen-year-old Lorelei Alundra, a girl with a magical singing voice who has the power to heal with a touch. Lorelei has spent most of her life hiding from her talents, which are controlled by the dark faerie who gave them to her. Content with her normal life, Lorelei is unnerved by her inexplicable attraction to the new boy in her art class, who is as terrifying as he is captivating. When her mom falls critically ill, Lorelei follows the new boy into a world of Elves, Witches, and Faeries in an attempt to save her. Prophecies unfold and she finds herself trapped in their world, forced to fulfill a destiny she wants no part of as her reality becomes more terrifying than fiction.

Against a vivid, otherworldly backdrop, Fire and Ice explores the eternal debate: Are lives governed by choices we make or are our choices predestined from birth?

“I think it’s a theme people can relate to at any age,” says Barrow-Belisle.

The other books in the trilogy include Bittersweet and Darkest Light. With its journey from the best-seller list to theaters, Fire and Ice follows in the footsteps of young adult blockbusters like Twilight, Divergent, and The Hunger Games.

“The entire story played out like a movie in my mind as I wrote it,” says Barrow-Belisle, who received interest from other producers before connecting with Nayyar at Khando Entertainment. “It was exciting to meet a producer who saw the importance of having the author’s input. Seeing my stories brought to life on the big screen will be a dream come true.”

About the Author:

As a fan of everything romantic, her young adult novels are populated with witches and vampires and faeries. Michele resides in southern Canada with her husband and son who indulge her passions for writing, reading, lattes, and most of all chocolate. Fire and Ice is her debut novel.

About Astraea Press

Astraea Press opened its doors in 2011 when Stephanie Taylor saw the need for a non-erotic digital publisher that offers wholesome reads, but still maintains the quality of mainstream romance. With over 60 books already available as audio books, multiple translation deals as well as having had a NYT bestseller and two USA Today bestselling titles, Astraea Press continues to bring great books to readers.

About Khando Entertainment Ltd.

Since opening in 2008, the Khando Production Team has produced, internationally, feature films and web series for over seven countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.


London author's bestseller heading to the big screen


London author Michele Barrow-Belisle is getting ready to try out her screenwriting chops as her Amazon bestseller, Fire and Ice, is getting ready to make its way to theatres.

London Community News
By Whitney South

For as long as she can remember, London author Michele Barrow-Belisle has believed in magic.

Understandable considering her first Amazon bestseller, Fire and Ice, revolves around a world full of fairies, where nothing is as it seems and where dreams become reality.

Now, Barrow-Belisle will get a chance to see her tale make its way to theatres, thanks to a little twist of fate and a maybe a little pixie dust.

After joining a bunch of social media groups for actors and casting directors, she was approached by a woman on Twitter who said she knew a producer who might be interested in adapting Fire and Ice to the big screen.

An unexpected but welcomed surprise for Barrow-Belisle, whose usual day-to-day involves working as a part-time preschool teacher and sculptor.

“I’m a big planner and I thought, this just fell into my lap so I’m not expecting anything at all,” the author explained. “I kept thinking — what are the odds?”

Turns out, they were pretty good after all.

Not long after their introduction, Barrow-Belisle found herself in the middle of a deal with UK-based agency, Khando Entertainment.

“I’m a fan of fantasy and after receiving a short synopsis of the story, I was very intrigued,” said producer Ajay Nayyar, adding while reading the book, the tale was one he just couldn’t put down. “It took me on a journey that I didn’t want to end.”

Follow that up with a number of conversations with the author herself and Nayyar was sold.

“I've never done something like this before, but it’s been on my list for a number of years,” he said. “We are delighted to have secured the film rights. Excited would be an understatement.”

A sentiment shared by Barrow-Belisle, who counted herself lucky to have found such a perfect fit.

“Right from the beginning the producer was 100 onboard with the importance of having the author’s input,” she said. “For them, it’s all about staying as true to the story as much as possible, which I thought was really great.”

Fire and Ice follows Lorelei Alundra, a girl gifted with two otherworldly talents for singing and healing, powers she’s shied away from for years. But when she meets the enigmatic Adrius, her uneventful life becomes irrevocably altered. Finding herself immersed in world of elves, fairies and witches, Lorelei must fight for what is right, where one mistake could put the fate of the magical world, and her soul, in jeopardy.

A tale rich with fantasy to be sure, but for Barrow-Belisle the story finds its roots stemming from an idea everyone can relate to.

“It’s just all about this journey, a battle between choosing your own destiny and what you’re fated to become,” she explained. “The whole time I was writing it — and I’m sure a lot of authors say this — I can see this playing as a movie, so I had that in the back of my mind.”

These days, Barrow-Belisle can certainly relate to the concept of creating her own fate as she makes the move from author to screenwriter, reminding fans never to give up on their dreams.

“It’s really exciting, I always loved writing and I always loved reading but I never considered it something I could do full-time,” she said. “I hope what’s happened gives other authors some hope about what’s possible, it’s an invitation to go for it — you never know what’s going to happen.”


That was news Number Two.....

Keep reading the next post for the latest piece of news!..........