Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, we're back! It's Six Sentence Sunday once again! And since I'm still in the mood for romance, here's another little tasty tempting treat from a scene with Lorelei and Adrius. 

Enjoy! And don't forget to pop on over to the Six  Sentence Sunday blog to read more thrilling and scintillating and sometimes even hysterical six sentences!

And I'll re-post the book trailer video in case you missed it last time!

“Nine days, sixteen hours, and thirty seven minutes, today.”
I frowned up at him in silent confusion and leaned back against the brick wall halting me.
  “How long we’ve been apart.” A trace of sadness lingered in his voice. 
  He stepped forward and spread his hands against the wall on either side of me. Palms splayed against the uneven brick, he imprisoned me with his arms. 
  The scorching current vibrating between us made my legs tremble. If it wasn’t for the cool damp brick against my spine holding me up, there was a chance I might spontaneously combust.