Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pitch University Savvy Author Week

So if you've been following the Savvy Author's Week at Pitch University you know that the week long event that stretched into a two week long event culminated with each of us submitting a video pitch for our book. YIKES! Once I got over my initial shock and terror....and applied a ton and a half of make-up (yep, that's me overly concerned with how I look....after my second wardrobe change my husband started sinning the "You're So Vain " song to me) I managed to record something that didn't make me want to gag and gouge out my own eyes. And to prove just how comfortable I am with it (gulp) I'm going to share it with you here. See how brave I am. Will I post it on my Facebook page....not bloody likely. But there is a cozy intimacy here that seems a bit here it goes.

Oh, and as an aside, if you ever need to polish a pitch either written or verbal, I highly suggest working with Diane Holmes and the folks at Pitch University. Diane is simply a magician at getting the heart of your story into a concise snappy and compelling blurb. We've all had a blast! And now for your viewing pleasure.... (no laughter please....)


(...So can you tell I'm reading in places... if my writing career ends, I can get a job as a news-anchor reading those teleprompter things)