Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sculpting In Polymer Clay

Sculpting Santa

For me summertime is sculpting time. Maybe its becasue the clay is so warm and malleable in the balmy summer heat, or maybe it's just the extra long hours of natural daylight... who know, but I just love to dive into my clay with reckless abandon in the summer. So becasue of this, I have a very special offer for you.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sculpt a figure in polymer clay? Well, my Sculpting Santa book has just recently been listed on Amazon. And better still it's now available on for a limited time at an even better price. Shhhh, not supposed to do that, but it will stay our little secret. Now this book has been written in step by step bite sized bits of information walking you through the entire process so you're assured of success right from the start. Ok, so a little practice never hurt anyone, but if you've ever wanted to try it and were afraid of not succeeding, here is a really great jumping off place.

Check it out and then if you buy and try it, I'd love to see what you create. This is the process for sculpting and creating the look of age in your piece.... where a Santa, a wizard, a fairy god-mother or whatever strikes your fancy, this book will help you get there. I'm always here for additional help, suggestions and inspiration. And if you just need a cheerleader, I can do that too! So why not go for it, and see what happens. And for those of you anxiously awaiting the fairy sculpting book, the miniature clay food book and the ball-jointed doll book, I promise you they're all coming. I'm just bouncing between my how-to writing and my fiction writing, plus my doll sculpting and telesummit interview series. So many projects in the works and so little time.... but OH so much fun to be had!!!