Saturday, July 28, 2012

How To Create Your Own Damn Luck!

A fabulous post by the amazing Denise Duffield, a phenomenal coach who I've had the pleasure of both interviewing on Passion and working with personally in one-on-one coaching sessions. Denise totally rocks the Law of Attraction, proving time and time again you can create anything you truly desire. She's a phenomenal catalyst on my route best selling author!

The Myth of the Complimentary Upgrade (+ How to Create Your Own Damn Luck)
Have you ever sat waaaaay at the back of the plane and wished desperately for the air-hostess to tap on your shoulder and say, "Ma'am, could you pick up your bags and come with me?"

And then you'd be whisked straight to the front of the plane, given a cold glass of champagne and enjoy all the pleasures of First Class.

Not sure about you, but if that ever happened to me, I'd be like "So long suckers". Hell, I'd even leave my husband back in Economy.

However, the complimentary upgrade is largely a myth, especially for someone who has paid for a basic economy ticket. The rare upgrade is reserved for the business class people, celebrities, the relative of a VIP, friends and family of the airline staff and frequent fliers.

It's fun to imagine the unexpected upgrade or the lottery win but there's a much better way to create your own First Class experience, virtually guaranteed.

One of the reasons why you rarely go from the cheapest seat straight to First Class is that if you always pay for economy, you're an energetic match to economy. That's why so many lottery winners lose their money. They aren't an energetic match to wealth.

In fact - Everything in your life is a direct reflection of your own self-imposed "cabin class"

You know that old proverb, You buy cheap, you buy twice?

I think it costs much more than that.

During our recent L.A trip, we decided to take a shuttle to the airport instead of a car. It was a difference of about $30. We got on the shuttle which dropped us at the wrong airport, so we had to get a taxi anyway, but still missed our flight (by one minute).

Instead of saving $30, that decision cost us hundreds plus we missed a day of our holiday. We also caused a lot of stress. We made a decision based on price rather than convenience and paid for it.

On the other hand - we paid double for our Universal Studios tickets to get an Express Pass. Right to the front of the line for every ride and worth every penny.

So, how do you create your First Class life from where you are now?

Introducing the Law of Incremental Upgrade

The Law of Incremental Upgrade (coined by moi) states that taking small but symbolic steps to upgrade your life yourself is always expotentially rewarded by the Universe.

Basically, you take a teeny tiny step towards upgrading just one part of your life at a time until it becomes your minimum standard.

The point of the incremental upgrade is that it's small but highly symbolic. It might still feel like a stretch because you're not used to spending money on yourself in that way, but trust me - as you upgrade your life you will attract more money to pay for it.

It's not about spending money you don't have or going crazy and putting a First Class seat or a gold plated car on your credit card. It's about showing the Universe you deserve a better life and you're willing to put some skin in the game.

The upgrade formula

Step one: Choose one thing in your life that's really economy - it could be your hair, your underwear, food you eat, shoes, etc.

Step two: What can you do to take it to the very next level (just to premium economy)?

Step three: Take the action and never go back again.

Step four: Repeat with something else

Such action always gets rewarded and your energy slowly gets used to a higher quality life. You'll get everything on your dream board by the incremental action you're willing to take - no lottery win necessary!

So - what are you upgrading today?


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