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July 10 – 17 – 19  2012

more EASE more JOY more FUN and more MONEY from your business


CEO/Entrepreneur, Wealth & Performance Coach

Tuesday, July 10th

4pmEDT (1pmPDT)

  • What if you could create your life and your business purely by magic?
  • What if there was no “right or wrong” in business (or anything else for that matter)… only a choice that works for you?
  • What if you didn’t have to limit yourself to one business or income stream ever again?
  • What if YOU could create, attract, manifest, generate, actualize and HAVE all the money you could ever want and NEVER WORK HARD AGAIN?
Remember when you were a child and you were completely convinced that EVERYTHING was created by magic? Did you give that up in favor of becoming a “grown up business person”? Is doing that and being that “idea” of what a serious business person is, working for you or your business?
What if there are other possibilities? And what if those possibilities could bring you a TON more money easily? Would you be willing to choose it?
Join Catherine & Michele as they talk with Jessi and explore what else is possible for you, your life and your business and release what’s been holding you back.
About Jessi
Jessi Jordan is the very definition of a Renaissance Woman (a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences). She is a CEO and an Entrepreneur, a Billboard Credited Music Producer, a Singer/Songwriter (with 2 albums on iTunes), a Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science Alumna and a Wealth and Performance Coach living her dreams in Manhattan, New York.
As a Music Producer, she has produced records for Beyonce, Pink, 3LW, Amerie and Lil Flip… just to name a few.
As CEO and Creator of  The Coffee Toffee Company, she has been featured for creating unique and delectable toffees and treats – in The New York Times, on ABC TV and in a recent issue of “Cooking with Paula Deen” (a Celebrity Chef cooking magazine with over 9.5 million subscribers). 
As a Performance Coach, Jessi has facilitated hundreds of actors in clearing the blocks that have prevented their career success and was invited to speak and share her unique intuitive gifts at a special private event at the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences (the people that give out the Emmy’s) in Hollywood. 
As a Wealth Coach, she has assisted her clients in clearing subconscious mental and hidden blocks to financial success, joy and business growth, and the limitations and points of views that kept money and opportunities from flowing effortlessly into their lives for years. Jessi and her clients are literally accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in gold and silver and attracting new streams of income every single month with total ease.
You might be asking yourself “How in the world has she done all those things in one lifetime?” She’d tell you she did it and continues to do whatever she desires by ‘MAGIC’.
Jessi has a completely different approach to business. “I have never hired a PR person to get the word out about me or my businesses yet people and amazing opportunities always find me. The Universe is my PR person, my manager and my agent!” Jessi says. “And it can be YOUR’s too!”
Whether you’re an actor, a writer, an entrepreneur, a corporate business person, a stay at home mom, a student or anything else… No matter who you are or what your story is.. YOU are magic incarnate. YOU can have, do and be ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. 
Jessi has a truly inspiring intuitive gift for perceiving what your specific blocks are and will give YOU the keys to clear them and unlock the magic within you.

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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Coach. Author. Lucky Bitch

Tuesday, July 17th

7pmEDT (4pmPDT)

  • Exceptional women deserve outrageous success
  • Luck isn’t a mystery k">Visit Denise’s Website
="text-align: reen observer of people and has developed an intuitive ability to see what makes each person unique and the potential greatness each of us has. Over many years of studying and training people to transform their lives, he discovered he can quickly see each person’s  unique gifts and what is sonths all expenses paid travel and shows you exactly how she did it behind the scenes. You’ll be inspired to create your own miracles once you hear how easy manifesting can be!

About Denise:

You know that woman who gets effin’ EVERYTHING she wants? From paid vacations at luxury resorts and lucrative bank errors to media spots to life-changing scholarships? You’re looking at her! Denise Duffield-Thomas is a biz coach and author of Lucky Bitch. She helps exceptional women create fun and fast manifestations around money and success.
Denise helps exceptional entrepreneurs create lives of outrageous success - and she’s seen her clients attract unbelievable treasures; dream business opportunities, life-changing travel adventures, and major media opportunities.

Denise’s Business Magick Package


Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach

Thursday, July 19, 2012

5:30pmEDT (2:30pm PDT)

  • Would you like to make effective & proactive business choices?
  • Are you willing to honestly look at yourself & change what isn’t working for you?
Join Catherine & Michele as they talk to Richard about limiting points of view we have around business and take advantage of having Richard help you clear limiting beliefs so you can get to the heart of your strengths and talents and set them free to start working for you in your life and business. Using laser focused intuition and powerful transformational tools with practical business strategies and know how, Richard will empower you to get faster results while staying true to you.

About Richard:

Richard is a keen observer of people and has developed an intuitive ability to see what makes each person unique and the potential greatness each of us has. Over many years of studying and training people to transform their lives, he discovered he can quickly see each person’s  unique gifts and what is stopping them. Richard loves to facilitate people to discover and apply their talents and strengths to create a rewarding life of creative and financial freedom.
As an Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach Richard has worked with many types of small businesses, developing their business plans and marketing strategies. From their successes and failures, he’s seen first hand what it takes to succeed in business. Richard’s coaching can facilitate you to create your business so it fulfills and authentically expresses who you are while making more money.  You can have a successful business that doesn’t burn you out or make you feel empty inside.

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