Thursday, July 4, 2013

Release Day! Let's CELEBRATE!

Finally after so many months.... ok years, of blood sweat and tears..... hmmm... well, actually it was more like, play, daydreaming and fun.... my book Fire & Ice is being released today! Can you tell I'm still in editing mode? Fortunately, the book no longer is!

I'm very excited! The entire event has been an incredible journey and now I'd like to thank the academy, lol. From my agent Denise Barone to Stephanie Taylor editor in chief of Astraea Press who both saw what I saw in the story.... to the amazing editors Barbara, Rachel and Laura to the incredible cover artist Amanda, to Opal and Angie who've been on top of all the press and social media stuff, and Kendall running hte launch party.... it truly does take a village. And like the actors at the Oscars, I have so many more people I would really like to thank, but the list could go on for days! I've had so much support and And now that it's out int he world, I can only hope that others find it an enjoyable read as well.Adventure, fantasy, romance ... hot guys... how does it get better than that?

Drop by the launch party and enter to win a free copy!

And now, it's time for a celebration!

Champagne anyone!?