Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whose Emails Delight You Everytime They Arrive?

Do you ever have special emails from someone that just brighten your day whenever they come? Messages from my Mom are like that, and so are emails from my husband or my sister-in-law or my closest friends. They arrive and before even opening them I get a little tickle and it brightens my day just knowing they've written to me. Doesn't really matter the content, the reaction to that comes afterward, but for a brief moment, just seeing their name in the "from" address is such a delight.

Well, lately, messages from Denise, my literary agent have fallen into that category quite by surprise. She writes me almost weekly sometimes twice weekly, and although I know I'm far from her only client, it brightens my day getting a message from her and I feel like me and my book are important to her. I see her name and it reminds me of my dream, my target. I feel the elation and joy and excitement over being on this all important next leg of my journey to publishing. I'm reminded that hey, you're doing it... you not only love to write, you're writing and you're heading in the direction you'd like to go. And you're going there. No matter what. And how cool is it that someone else on the planet besides myself (and from my fabulous sister-in-law who hounds me every time I see her to hurry up with the sequel) thinks my books is sales-worthy. Like a special little present I get to open and savour for a window of time. Sure after the message is open, it may be a rejection from a publisher, or just an update on submissions. All of it is welcome becasue it's a powerful reminder that I am a writer and I have an agent.

What's inside each email doesn't almost doesn't matter, because it's the thrill of knowing there's something waiting for me... a piece of news from someone I'm excited to hear from and that in and of itself is worth smiling about. Best of all I know that one of her messages is going to be a fantastic offer from a publishing house or movie studio, equally as excited to purchase my manuscripts and get them out into the world.

How does it get better than that?