Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

Ok, so I received this link from a Savvy Author's classmate and what a cool idea. Every Sunday I will post 6 sentences from my debut novel Fire and Ice. A tasty teaser meant to wet the appetite and leave you craving more! Well, at least that is the plan. So check back every Sunday....and check out the other posts, it's amazing what you can get hooked into with six simple sentences. If you're like me your must-read list will have grown exponentially by the end of the day!

So here are my Six Sentences for Sunday:

  His lips brushed mine and as their warmth flooded me, all further questions disappeared. When he pulled back and smiled, I sighed. 
 He’d won. 
 He didn’t want me to ask anything else and with that dizzying brain-freeze effect he still had on me, he’d made sure I couldn’t. For now.  
  “So. . . are you sure you’re ready for this tonight?”

So, you curious yet??? Here's another little taste: (in case you haven't watched it yet)