Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a winner of The Versatile Blogger Award!

I'm a winner of The Versatile Blogger Award!

Many thanks to the multi-gifted Lyn Davies, who chose me as one of her five bloggers to grace with this wonderful award. Her spectacular blog merging a perfect variety of passions can be found here:

As a part of the rules for accepting this award, I have to share seven things about myself, so let's see;

1. I'm a Libra and as unbalanced as they come at the best of times, and at the worst of times...well....

2. I spend (almost) much time in bed with laptop as with my husband....don't snicker, I said almost!

3. I'm stubborn but stubbornly refuse to admit it and I appreciate the fine art of disorganized organization.

4. I LOVE chocolate, and cherry cheesecake and pizza and lemon pie and, oh did I mention chocolate??

5. I still play with dolls...okay, well technically I sculpt the masters professionally for various collectible and toy manufacturing companies, but there is still a little girl inside who loves playing with the clay, and getting to the part of designing a wardrobe and accessories for them.

6. I taught preschool for more than 15 years and learned more about the importance of play from children than I could have taught in any one lifetime.

7. I believe in magic and miracles and dreams coming true and following your bliss and reaching for the stars and never giving up and the power of play and in happily ever after....seriously, I do.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award.

1.  Sarah Bromley  http://sarahbromleywriter.blogspot.com/

2.  Michelle Hickman  http://michellehickman.blogspot.com/

3.  Suzette Saxton  http://suzettesaxton.blogspot.com/

4.  Shelli Johannes  http://faeriality.blogspot.com

5.   Kate Karyus Quinn  http://katekaryusquinn.blogspot.com

I invite you to visit these whimsical, beautiful and inspiring blogs. And when you find one enchanting, take a moment to tell them. It was a lovely start to my day when someone honored my blog with their presence, and took the time to tell me they enjoyed it. Tell me about your blog, so I can enjoy it, too, but leaving your comments below.