Thursday, August 21, 2014

SQUEEE!!! So much exciting news to *almost* share!

Just took a writing break to watch another episode of Pretty Little Liars. It's a show that's all about SECRETS. If there's one thing I'm not very good at, it's keeping secrets. Never was. Never will be. And yet that is exactly what I have to do with the news I'm itching to share with you. Keep it secret. At least for the next couple of weeks. The agony of it was killing me, so I figured I'd write a little teaser post, so I wouldn't have to suffer in agony alone. <insert evil laugh here>.
Actually, I'm probably only torturing myself since there's not much more I can say about the secret, other than, it's BIG.

I mean really really BIG. 

Like, can't believe it, knock your socks off, pinch me I'm dreaming BIG.

SIGH... Just a little while longer, until the big reveal, I promise. Until then, here's another snippet from Bittersweet, the sequel to Fire & Ice.

Enjoy, and remember.........



My shift at the cafe ended at 5:00, but Adrius had arrived at 4:00 sharp, a full hour earlier than planned. Against the monochromatic backdrop of Drearyton Cove he looked exceptionally vivid. Stunning. Seeing him always aroused the same visceral response. Dressed in casual typical teen clothing, he had a sultry elegance no mortal teenage boy could ever achieve. It never went unnoticed. In fact I think since we’d been together, he’s become even more desirable, as if the fact that he could be dating someone like me made him that much more attainable. Yet for all of the ogling and drooling and flirting, that inevitably followed him, he never once looked at any other girls. It still completely mystified me at times. This was one of them as he strode toward me, a vision of perfection from the pages of my fantasy sketch book. It was hard to believe he’d chosen me.
“Do you think this will ever subside, the crazy way my heart races when I see you?” I murmured as he reached me.
He smiled and I flushed with heat.
“I hope not.” He said kissing the top of my head.
“Did I mention I've missed you?” My question came with more intensity than I had planned.
He watched me for a moment and the world seemed to slow. I wondered what caused the flicker of shadow that crossed his eyes. Even his momentary pain caused me pain.
“You deserve so much more than what I can offer you Lorelei. A stronger being would have let you go by now.” His voice laden with guilt over events past.
“I’m just as strong as you are.” I reminded him. “And I would never have let you let me go.” Reaching up I stroked the chisel of his cheek. “We went that route already... it didn't end well.”
His jaw relaxed under my touch, and I felt silent gratitude that I still had that effect on him too.
Our few moments alone together seemed too few and too short, but we always held onto the magic that lured us together in the first place. The bond that neither time nor space nor threats of death could break. And although in fact Adrius was bonded to Venus, I knew that it was our connection that would endure. Not theirs. I just had no idea how.
“Come on, I want to take you somewhere. Will Neil let you leave early?”
Neil had been trying to get me to take some time off for days now. But I’d refused. Working kept me busy and busy what what I needed to keep from missing Adrius too much.
“Pretty sure that won’t be a problem,” I said untying my apron. “Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise.”
The corners of my mouth turned down.
“What's wrong? Afraid to be alone with me?”
“Just not crazy about surprises. You know I feel completely safe with you.” I smiled hoping to ease the tense set of his jaw.
The twinge of angst that hid just behind his eyes returned. “You'll never be completely safe when you're with me Lorelei.”
“Ok, so our situation isn't perfect… and curses binding you to psychotic ex-girlfriends aside, we have some... challenges to overcome, I get that.”
He gave a humorless laugh.
We'll find a way to overcome them.” I insisted. The trauma and drama was all worthwhile, because in the end, I knew we'd be together. Even the darkest fairytales ended in happily ever after, didn't they?