Monday, November 4, 2013

Paperback Cowgirl Reviews by Miss Laurie Williams: Blog Tour Review & Giveaway

Nothing warms the heart and soothes the soul like a kind word. So, please permit me one more opportunity to share another fabulous review of Fire & Ice. There have been so many of them lately that it takes the sting out of the very few unfavorable reviews, rendering them nearly non-existent.

And now I'm off to conquer my flu bug with some hot chicken noodle soup, a warm blanket, a box of tissues and my laptop. If there's any other feel-better remedy you know of that I've forgotten, please do let me know!

Have an awesome day everyone!

Paperback Cowgirl Reviews by Miss Laurie Williams: 
Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Michele Barrow-Belisle
Title: Fire & Ice Author: Michele Barrow-Belisle  
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Here's a sneak peak at Laurie Williams's review:
My Thoughts:
I know the plot seems intense and maybe far fetched BUT I promise all the characters and their magic will pull you in and make you believe the impossible.  Fire & Ice is a delightful mixture of healing powers, love, secrecy, legends and so much more!  If you love Fae and fantasy this is a MUST read for you!!! Enjoy!!
 You can read the full review here: