Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Trailer for FIRE AND ICE

I love Savvy Authors website! There is without a  doubt enough information available there through their multitude of workshops and classes to never have to pick up another how-to writing book again. of course if you're like me with a voracious appetite for reading and writing, you will. Still, this site is invaluable to any would-be wanna-be and soon-to-be published author and even those who are already published. Seriously, it's golden! And if you get the opportunity check out Lori Wilde's class. She's a N.Y. Times best selling author who teaches and mentors you on your way to becoming a N.Y. Times Best Selling Author. Well, at least that's my intention while taking her class.

I took a workshop on making a book trailer (it's all the rage these days.) So for me this was like candy, dipped in chocolate...I love LOve LOVE anything to do with visuals. And now for your 2 minutes of viewing pleasure here are the results of that class. It was taught by Kris Tualla who critiques book trailers on youtube and offer suggestions on way to improve.

I welcome your comments. And stay tuned for the book that inspired it all!

Enjoy!!! (and turn up your speakers)

genre: ya urban fantasy romance